Transition from web to metaverse

The technological advancement of Web 1.0 has today metaverse takes millions of Internet users into a new technological and social era. 

The internet that we all know and use is divided into parts proportional to its evolution, over the years has been giving name to each evolutionary stage, in principle the emergence of the internet was presented under the web 1. 0 which is known as the original internet, it worked as a repository of information in which Internet users could add, search and navigate between data, going to different servers and web pages that provided content, this had a major social impact between 1997 and 2000, even when at the time in the web 1.0 could not interact with each other, were unidirectional pages in which the only service provided was information and data.

As time went by, the emergence of web 2. 0 (social web) which has many aspects regarding its use, it is characterized by the way it has taught the world to interact with each other through the Internet, also to develop new ways to enhance business and strengthen knowledge through the information it provides, through this has also formed the Internet users because they are now part of the creation of information and content that is used, such as advertising and social media, here users could also buy and sell items on websites managed by centralized platforms. This is the mode of internet that we can say that we know the most so far, but not the only one that exists.

Transición al metaverso

On the other hand, we have the web 3.0 or semantic web which adds to the previous one a decentralized, peer-to-peer model that incorporates security, transactions, payments and administration. “The most important thing is that the users who create data own it, which fundamentally changes the way data is used.” Web 3.0 is a decentralized model that uses data to better understand the needs of users, this technology greatly leverages the use of blockchain and p2p networks which help generate greater security and privacy regarding the information that is deposited on it, web 3.0 clearly is of greater accessibility to the user and has stronger tools regarding interaction. 

Thanks to the web 3.0 we can say that the technological combination between the real and the virtual exists, since this has aspects that make a traditional web page is transformed into a virtual world of massive use in which the user can live experience in a semi-real way where it evades the real limitations, with the web 3. 0 we also have the Metaverses which take the credits for its great development based on virtual and mixed reality which will be the future of the web that we use so much, with this we do not say that the web will disappear but it will be transformed, what today is online shopping will be transformed into virtual shopping, where the user beyond seeing the product and buy it, try it and interact with it, based on the above we refer to changes in the web, the fact where the interaction crosses the barriers and moves to the closest to the user.

Web 3.0 Metaverso

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