Metaverse plus artificial intelligence

Metaverses and artificial intelligence have joined their specific characteristics to make the experience in the parallel worlds of metaverses much more dynamic and realistic, it should be noted that metaverses are doing a huge job in what concerns the evolution of web 3.0, and more now that it has joined the issue of artificial intelligence through functional and conversational avatars, as it takes a continuous work by computer scientists and programmers who are responsible for fitting the BOTS-AVATARS.

This is a very promising topic for companies that are increasingly integrated into the metaverse, because it is clear that the conversational Avatars provide not only realism, but also comfort for potential customers and users, this with respect to marketing in the metaverse will add value to both virtual plots and virtual renting, since it will be the new way for companies to reach more users who in turn will become potential customers. There are few companies that currently have conversational avatars in their plots, because the demand is high and the companies that provide this service are few.

In Spain, Meta Software Factory is the first technological company that has implemented within metaverse spaces, specifically Decentraland, its conversational avatars, which are being a sensation, as they would be the first conversational avatars in Spanish, which places Spain as one of the countries most linked to the development of new technologies based on the metaverse; The development team of the company Meta Software Factory refers to the importance of the incorporation of these avatars for the development of future spaces within the metaverse, since depending on the spaces and the purpose of this will be the functionality that will contain the Avatar in their conversations.

It is important to understand that artificial intelligence has been in the market for much longer than the metaverse, and therefore it is much more important to make the spaces that are generated with the intention of monetizing contain this type of support, because as on the web today are the CHATBOTS that support the web in situations and schedules disregarded. We hope that the fusion of these great technologies will provide us with quality experiences within the metaverse.

The first conversational avatars have been made for social spaces such as virtual leisure areas, information assistants or “virtual receptionists” for offices and conversational avatars in virtual stores that answer customers’ questions about products or services.  

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