Metaverse is also an educational tool

The metaverse, among its many ways of innovating, shows us a new way of teaching students in an interactive, realistic and social way.

We all know the Online classes, those that as the web 2.0 is transformed to web 3.0 (Metaverse) will evolve and become virtual classes, the difference between these two is that the classes that will be taught in the metaverse are fully interactive beyond a collective videoconference in virtual classes students can appreciate the virtual spaces and make use of them, all this with the intention that education will go further and be better understood by the student.

The metaverse has many technological tools that make it be of great potential for the use of educational entities, because in the spaces that are created with the intention of promoting education as virtual classrooms students have participation through their avatar which can relate and interact with other students, it is also important to note that not only classrooms are generated but spaces equipped for education as schools and universities, these virtual sites have full use by students where those rooms such as libraries, auditoriums and common areas can be used so that an almost real educational journey is made.

One of the most recognized educational cases that have been generated in the metaverse is by the company Meta and VictoryXR, these companies have already projected to create 10 universities within the metaverse, in which classes will be presented to students from different faculties where the educational content taught will be with VR technology, these companies work hand in hand with the University of Oxford and Fisk University, with these has created the first laboratory of corpses with 5 g technology

As in the case of Meta there are many educational projects that are planned to be presented within the metaverse, it is important that education goes hand in hand with technology and thus create a joint technological and educational partnership. 

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