Marks and patents in the metaverse

Decentraland has been categorized as one of the most used metaverses by metaverse users, this metaverse has been introducing its land plots, its Mana currency and other aspects that characterize it as one of the most sustainable, commercial and assertive of the existing metaverses. 

The decentraland metaverse has about 90,610 virtual plots that are being built by virtual artists and by the curiosity of users to develop a dream world, in which reality does not go beyond virtuality. The acquisition of Land plots is part of this process of inclusion in decentraland, since without them it is not possible to create spaces, because in decentraland, as in reality, if there is no land, there is no building; Beyond the creations made by artists and users, there is the presence of patents, industries and brands that have joined decentraland, these companies that fully trust in the evolutionary capacity of this metaverse where investments range from $ 50,000 to $ 2.42 million, where its largest investor is The Metaverse Group, a company that have different plots and help the user to acquire them with the use of blockchain technology through NFTS. 

As The Metaverse Group there are many companies that join the metaverse market, here are some of the most interesting cases and patents in decentrland.   

The metaverse has no excuse for any industry, as is the case of McDonald’s, which has launched with its eyes closed to the metaverse initiative, where the patent and brand wants to create virtual restaurants with deliveries to real homes, where the user does not even have to leave their own reality to feed, McDonald’s is one of the largest food industries within the metaverse as well as KFC, TACO BELL and PIZZA HUT, in addition to restaurants also patented the brand, logo, products, headquarters and NFTS; In addition to these companies located in decentraland, BMW, Hyundai represented the automotive industry, in the textile industry there are big brands such as GUCCI, Mango, Zara, H&M which have marked a new beginning for textile marketing where users can try on products virtually.

Another industry that has innovated through the metaverse is film and entertainment, where companies such as Disney and Netflix have created spaces for users to enjoy virtual movies and series in spaces completely created in order to innovate and entertain users in a virtual and realistic way, in addition to this, large companies have also bet on blockchain technology where NFTS are the main actors, this with the intention of maintaining and transforming their technological business image. 

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