How to make money on decentraland. The metaverse as the days show that it is here to stay, as well as one of its largest and most developed virtual worlds Decentraland, which is known as the metaverse of investment, since it has brought with it a different view of virtual reality, incorporating the sale and rental of land in its virtual map as well as the construction of these, what makes this metaverse very distinctive in addition to its economy, is its form of use which is based on something similar to a “video game” which makes it easier for the user to build or access directly to the virtual map, all this combining reality with virtuality.

The possibility that this metaverse has developed to generate money is something amazing, as it has shown how reality can be transferred to another world with different or better functionalities, the best example of this as we have mentioned before is the trade of land within this virtual world, being the easiest way to generate money in Decentraland, investing in LAND plots and selling them in the future to other users for a much higher price will generate excellent commissions. This economic innovation goes beyond speculation, as today Decentraland has approximately 90,000 LAND plots, which currently function as NFTs exhibitions, so it is expected that the price of these will triple and more over time, as a sign of the future that can have this virtual business is the fact that to date the record sales of this metaverse is 2.43 million dollars.

Meta Building was not left behind in the Decentraland metaverse and therefore has a team of experts in the creation of virtual sites for LAND plots, from paradise islands to impressive luxury villas.

On the other hand, this metaverse is not left with few options to help monetise its users, as in addition to real estate issues, it also offers the creation and sale of ASSETS, play-to-earn games, becoming autonomous in the metaverse, working for Decentraland games or buying and selling Mana. Each alternative to make money within this metaverse emphasises very different things, the ASSETS for example is based on a list of wearables in Decentraland where each user can create and customise their avatar through 3D designs, as well as generate designs of items to export and put them on sale, which is an excellent option for those experts in 3D design, 3D max or 4D. Play-to-earn games are a useful way in which to generate cryptocurrencies within this world, users can produce video game-like spaces and earn NFTs or items which they can sell for a profit.  Being a freelancer in the metaverse can also be a good option, as you can offer your services according to your speciality within this world to other users, who can subcontract and generate income in this way. On the other hand, the work offered by Decentraland games is somewhat simpler, where users are hired for simple tasks such as being a teacher of ceremonies for events that are generated in this virtual world, in which users can charge minimum fees in Mana equivalent to 200 dollars. 

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