Business expansion into the metaverse

The metaverse has broken records and barriers regarding its business impact, since there are many large companies that have joined the metaverse market, it should be noted that the metaverse has open doors for all types of industries because it is a technology based on virtual and mixed reality, where the user can experience the purchase and sale of products or services in an almost real way, the potential that has developed the metaverse to adapt to all types of companies is a great motivator to the incorporation in this, where companies that have markets susceptible to the flow of users notoriously take advantage of the ability of the metaverse to attract and influence the user.

In principle the big companies are those that have taken advantage and recognition within the metaverse, this is the case of NIKE, GUCCI, ZARA, BMW, HYUNDAI, COCA COLA, among other large companies that are pioneers in their industries and that stick to a technological future for their marketing, an example of this is Nike company that has immersed itself in the metaverse by branding and creating a technological image of Nike that was not known, the company has joined the metaverse to market virtual sneakers and collectibles RTFKT, NIKE also has a virtual space called NIKELAND where users can use the most iconic clothes of the brand in their avatars.

The idea of the metaverse is inclusion, so it is not only the big companies that innovate users, because the metaverse is available to all and is a useful tool for the commercial development of companies, another case is the Hyundai Mobility Adventure metaverse, the new addition of Hyundai to the metaverse where users can see the future releases of the brand and can meet each other in the different spaces of this metaverse to make use of new automotive trends through avatars; With this it is clear that the metaverse is prepared for all the collective needs of the users.

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